Jack McCullough, Exonerated, Sues Prosecutors for “Pervasive Misconduct”

We’ve reported about Jack McCullough on this blog several times previously. See here, here, here, and here.

Prior to having his conviction overturned and being exonerated, this case was touted as the “oldest cold case ever solved.”

It will be interesting to see where this suit goes, since prosecutors are supposed to have absolute immunity to civil suit for actions taken while pursuing their duties as prosecutor. They can, however, be held responsible for criminal actions.

See the CNN story here.


One response to “Jack McCullough, Exonerated, Sues Prosecutors for “Pervasive Misconduct”

  1. I need help for my husband who is dying of brain cancer in prison on a murder he did not commit. there was misconduct from the larimer county sheriff’s office the DA’s office and from the judge himself.. He actually was asked to ‘step’ down this past year because of his misconduct! bad forensics from the DNA to the gun in fact there are 17 other dna samples on her body! plus this was commited in 1982 and he was convicted on the ‘preserved’ touch dna BULL!

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