Tuesday’s Quick Clicks…

  • Interesting article by Gabe Tan of the Innocence Network UK about the problems with requiring “new evidence” or “fresh evidence” in shaky cases before they can be officially re-opened
  • Wisconsin Innocence Project’s motion to recuse a state Supreme Court justice causes a firestorm
  • Georgia Innocence Project has event featuring one of the Duke Lacrosse players falsely charged with rape
  • Chicago exoneree Robert Wilson, who spent 9 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit, gets $3.6 million settlement
  • Death penalty studies in Connecticut and New Jersey
  • Top judges around the U.S. call for criminal justice reform
  • Six points that cast doubt on the alleged guilt of the “Lockerbie Bomber”
  • Is the UK doing enough to fight wrongful convictions?
  • Hearing continues in Facebook case with Dateline filming; prosectors attack credibility of new witness whose testimony exonerates Higher brothers
  • New York exoneree Jeffrey Deskovic uses settlement money to establish foundation to help others who were wrongfully convicted
  • Innocence Project (Cardoza) client in Maryland seeks to overturn conviction on ground that the state ballistics expert whose testimony led to conviction was a fraud who falsified his credentials

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